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The design is nothing but a unique process where the ideas are collected and implemented. Generally, a design includes the website layout, website structure, user interface, colors, navigation, and image gallery including the button styles. First, it is important to understand the tools and the terms of designing.

Major Key components of a Web Design

The following factors should be remembered by a web designer when designing a website. The essential part of a website is the navigation. Here, a navigation bar or a series of labels are included in order to differentiate the pages of the website. A good navigation is easier to find and it is also easy to travel in order to travel throughout the website.

Major Key components of a Web Design

In most of the cases, a simplified web page maximizes the number of customers. Generally, the logo is utilized frequently used in the print materials and it is also carried over into the website design. If the visual communication changes with the brand then the customers will not be comfortable in it. Most of the folks will feel comfortable while reading it on a web page it is similar to that of reading a book. The manner is always from top to bottom and from left to right

The entire content of the website is the most important one as it communicates with the company’s brand promise. On the other side of the flip, there is a list of the important elements where the content writer creates the content and the designer creates a visual environment for the content. The marketing of the tactics is a great potential for the customers in order to discover their needs.

Web design is a unique way to create the user-friendly environment where the folks are involved with the great tips and the practices. In case if the web is designed managed and properly, the folks continually return to the site and to the business with the particular organization. The search engines such as the Google and the Bing have the capability to interact the website in an efficient manner without any complications. Both the web design and the web development have a good scope in the future. There is a good visibility in the search engine placement.

Different types of web design

First comes the static website layout, here it gives an approximate fixed width in order to present the sites and not to change the width of the browser. The folks cannot update any content on the static website. The greatest advantage of the static layout is the code loads faster in a short interval of time when compared to another website. The layout static websites are designed from page 1 to the hundreds of pages.

Generally in the personal computers, the horizontal part is smaller one then scroll the bar display. On the other side of the flip the folks can view in both the mobile and the tablet; then zoom in the screens in the terms of the interesting points. Here, the cost is lesser than that of the dynamic.

In the Dynamic Website layout, the important point is that the design can be either simple or complex. It totally depends on the customer’s designs and the development needs. One can create the dynamic website such as the JavaScript, Dot Net, PHP, open source and jquery etc. The creativity which matters; a gigantic one subjected to the design and the development. It is easier to enhance and manage the content with the aid of CMS.

The fixed website design layout is a one which has a constant width, and the interior components have a certain amount of the fixed widths. In case if the browser’s screen is reduced, the content and the images will not be integrated. Most of the folks use a resolution size of about 1024*768 resolutions or a higher one which has a fixed design layout.

In order to make the website presentation easier one, the responsive design layout is used. Here the websites are displayed in the various forms so that it is easy to read and move. An interesting fact is that some of the responsive design patterns work in a reliable manner across the different devices. The websites which are created using the responsive design are designed in such a manner; in order to display different data as the browser is reduced to the predetermined sizes.

When the browser is resized, the data on the web page spreads well in order to fill the width of the browser. The term liquid design may be an enlarged one or it will be shrunk one. The different type of width works fine on the videos, content includes the images.

These are particularly fit to the different screen resolutions. These will be automatically hectic for the designers. The One-page websites are the most popular one. The single page messages are well designed and compatible with most of the Internet browsers.

Responsive design aims to make a website an efficient one just by displaying the websites on a series of devices in order to read and navigate easily. It automatically avoids the user to resize, and scroll in order to read the website content through the web page. The overall website is viewed well and it is a usable one in the personal computers, tablets including the Smartphone. In the process of creating a responsive website design, the designers need not design in the various website formats.

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